have a great week | 07

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no matter what happens, your instinct, vibe, energy, call it what you will, is probably the best thing you have within you, be it at work, at love and specially in motherhood. it’s not always easy and so clear as you’d wish it to be, but it’s a really important step to finding and doing what you feel comfortable with and helps with every insecurity we can have. if you can overcome a difficult and stressful moment trusting yourself, then you can do anything. 

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have a great week | 05

no matter how much you complain, stress or even cry over things, you need to fix it too. get up, try again. it’s monday and i am ready to take this new week on! i’m ready for whatever comes my way. it’s important to remind yourself that you should never relax and take things for granted. have a great week and enjoy it , breathe it. 

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have a great week | 04

e porque é preciso começar de novo muitas vezes é melhor pensar que não é preciso saber fazer tudo. 
nem nos leva a lado nenhum atropelar ninguém para chegar onde quer que seja. respirar fundo e deixar que as coisas fluam… e também limpar o blog e dar-lhe uma cara nova. bom dia! 
just because it’s necessary to restart so many times in our lives and realize we don’t really have to do it all, and there is no need to stress to get where we want. breathe and let things flow… and also clean up your blog and give it a new face. good morning!!

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