twentyfourteenproject | 24.52

uma vez por ano eu sinto uma necessidade imensa de caminhar por esta cidade como se não houvesse amanhã. mesmo quando vivi aqueles anos todos fora pelo mundo, quando voltava precisava de voltar a percorrer todos os cantos da cidade como se nunca os tivesse visto antes.  sou apaixonada pelos detalhes e fico sem palavras quando reparo na luz e no tom de azul. o contraste entre pedra e céu é simplesmente magnífico. e eu não consigo viver sem tudo isto. está na hora… está na hora de voltar a subir estas colinas!
once a year i get the urge to walk through this city like there’s no tomorrow. even when i lived far away everytime i came back i would climb up these hills and see every little corner of it as if i have never seen it before. i am in love with the details i am absolutely overwhelemed by it’s light and it’s tone of blue. the contrast between stone and sky is just simply amazing. and i can’t get enough of it. it’s time… it’s time to go up those hills again!

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twentyfourteenproject | 23.52

our last guest in our antwerpen apartment before we left for africa left us messages all over the house to make sure we knew how thankful, happy and proud they were. post-its are perfect for the small little details that make us feel special!

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twenty fourteen project | 19

two years ago this week i was working in chiado, probably the most beautiful neighborhood of lisbon, not the most typical, but the most hip, cool, gorgeous, clean (as in buildings) and most of all sunny. there is a sunray just around pratically every corner, and i remember perfectly the moment i took this photo… i was just arrived to work and looked up at the bentton building in the corner just before i entered our office building and was blinded by the sunlight. i actually took the photo with my cellphone and couldn’t see much with it… i just knew i had to catch that light! oh and what a light… somehow a message of something beautiful about to happen. three months later i was deciding my future with S about opening our own shop! you never really know what’ll be around the next corner, but it’s important you see it and remember what is was like so you can know what you want things to be. 

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twenty fourteen project | 17

a segunda vez que os levei a ver os bichos grandes, os que eles aprenderam a reconhecer antes do gato, cão e galinha, aqueles tão grandes que nos tiram o fôlego, tinham 11 meses e foi tão bom. pequeninos, no sling lá viram as girafas altas, compridas e tão queridas. eu chamo-as pirosas porque eu já as vi correr, tropeçar, e quase cair e não há animal mais piroso que uma girafa a tentar disfarçar. que bom que é saber que já os levei a sítios tão diferentes, que lhes preenche tanto da sua imaginação. ainda hoje, cantam a música “atirei o pau ao gato” com os animais de “moçambique”, adoram bichos grandes e não são amigos dos cães e gatos. normalmente deixam-me dar aos “meninos pobres” quase tudo o que já não brincam, mas tudo o que tiver animais de áfrica não deixam… faz parte deles e eu sei que fomos nós que implementámos isso nestas cabecinhas. um dia voltamos… e eles vão amar!

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twenty fourteen project | 15

that they grow up fast i’m sure everyone has felt it once in their lives, usually i try to contradict this idea, but it’s when i look at these photos that i realize that life really does happen when you’re busy making plans… and daydreaming of better trantrumless days, and these little faces make it all worth while, or too easy back then. maybe it’s just because almost one month before their birthday i always have a revival moment of every single day with them going through my mind. this week’s throw back thursday’s photo is definitely an easter moment i’ll remember forever… 

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twenty fourteen project | 14

raramente os mostro assim tão ao vivo, mas esta fotografia faz hoje exactamente 3 anos. foi tirada numa tarde no nosso mítico terraço num belíssimo bbq. hoje também DIA DOS IRMÃOS e este foi o primeiro deles. foi também o dia da primeira guerrinha e queixinhas dos dois. com 9 meses esta foto registou o que foi a primeira vez que um dos manos tirou uma coisa ao outro e esse chorou e queixou-se. o F olhou para mim e mesmo sem falar eu sei que ele disse “mãe, o mano quer tirar-me a caixa das toalhitas!” impressionante como as mães lembram-se de coisas pequenas, registam e sabem contar a história de um momento… eu registei este. coincide com tanta coisa e lembra-me tantas outras. são os meus manos preferidos a seguir a nós, eu e ela. são os mesmos que hoje também fizeram queixinhas, mas que adormeceram a elencar as personagens todas do canal disney junior, incluindo “o urso de cabeça grande que nós não vemos porque estamos a trabalhar na escola, lembras kiko?” uma delícia… a dois meses dos quatro anos…

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twenty fourteen project | 13

i can’t help but remember maputo sunsets when around me all i feel is cold, rain, and gray skies. i remember how warm they were, how amazing people’s eyes looked with the sun shining on them and how relaxed everyone was… that quilt reminds me of friends who adopted a gorgeous little girl, a friend i hope my boys remember one day and it reminds me too of our park around the corner from home. oh how i long for warm sunsets sitting on a quilt at the park next door, though in a different hemisphere… 

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twenty fourteen project | 12

from one of those saturdays when we used to pick up the car and drive to a different country, a differente city, a different culture just because. from one of those days where we fit like love does. from one of those days we need to always keep in mind. 

(this twenty fourteen project will change to thursdays)

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twenty fourteen project | 11

so there i was… 24 weeks pregnant! in hot humid and dusty and tropical rain season in maputo. i was two weeks aways from flying to lisbon to finally relax and think only about these two human beings i was creating inside me… sorry if i’m so graphic, but that was how i felt. i was making something beautiful, two beautiful things actually. no idea what “type” of beings, girls or boys or one of each but all i thought about was how amazing it was and how amazing it was to be with him through this whole process. it was amazing to have him there next to me, only for me and imagining things together. i was a bit tired by this stage, didn’t feel like driving much lately or sitting down either, i was much better standing up, walking, and feeling useful. people helped a lot, which was very nice, a new status, but i felt very helpless sometimes too… i have no recolection of being very big, but i have proof in photos that i was bigger than i imagined, specially durint the second trimester which somehow felt much bigger than my third. anyway… i was wearing pink because deep inside i felt two boys were coming! 😉

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twenty fourteen project | 10

i remember this day… very well… the boys were about nine months old and we were in need to have a terrace fit for kids. our terrace was on our roof, perfect for outdoor barbeques, parties, relaxing time for two adults, but it was time to let the kids try to walk and crawl around without stress. so daddy dearest decided a fence, and a colourful one i might add, was the perfect solution. done in a way to not last forever and be taken out whenever… it’s still there i’ve been told! we loved that terrace, the boys learned how to walk there and we were very proud of our dad who set his mind to do something amazing for us… with a lot of beers in between… i also remember it was about 500º that day and i had just filled up a mini kids pool with cool water and put the boys in it… ahhh that heat. that was the last day our living room turned into a beach, we were taking out lives up to the terrace!

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