pantone | oreo cookies and berries

there’s not much i can say about this, only the fact that it’s hot around here and ice cream is the only thing i want to eat these days… i’d skip breakfast, lunch and dinner if i could relax on a beach somewhere and have a homemade ice cream for every meal. this new blog i found is the perfect inspiration… it’s funny how lately i have been loving all these images with lilac and purple in them, but i believe it’s not the actual color in itself that i’m thinking of but the combination of tones of course, specially combinations with berries, like this case, blueberries and strawberries, which always turns into a beautiful mix of colors. and those peonies at the left upper corner.. how beautiful are those? sweet gorgeous flowers. so… to top all that… what could be better than oreo cookies?!!! see how everything matches? dark brown with berries always works! perfection!