instaweek | 05.15

eight exact days ago we fell into what i cannot describe very well in technical terms, but my mind tells me i should just call it what it was, hell! between high fevers, runny noses, migraines, body pain as if you’ve been hit by a truck, i believe this was our lowest week as a family. usually this type of winter climate gets at least two of us, in a orderly fashion, one at a time, and never at the same time… well so much for any order what so ever… one at a time yes, but all together by day two. 
first F, two hours later M, three hours later HIM, and 24h after that… yours truly! i really and genuinely believed this would get better in another day or so, for i had things to do and i couldn’t stay home for long, perks of being your own boss (not) but man the joke was on me. it wasn’t over in a day, nor two, nor three… let’s just say that though i have been going to work since yesterday, and he is acting as healthy as he can, and one kid is back in school (one is still being held hostage by this… hell!), i believe we are just pretending and secretly wishing for our beds and sofas and teas and medicine that can numb us… it’s not over, eight days later, it’s not over.