me, myself and i | one week

it's been one week, one whole week without you three... i thought i was doing ok until i saw you on that wonderful invention called skype and realized the silence is horrible, the sounds are creepy, the fact that is takes me five days to fill a dishwasher, the bed is too big to heat up, the boy's room looks sad so empty, the xmas tree seems odd, the dining table ridiculous and somehow turning the heaters on seems like i'm destroying the planet...
no matter how good it feels to be able to think about me for this time, to understand my inner rythm and needs, and wishes i do feel lonely. it's not a sad lonely... but it's lonely nonetheless.

still four days to go and i am sure you boys are having fun and dad is enjoying being back home and seeing all our friends, his brother and sister and his home at heart... but i miss you all dearly. my boys and you... i miss you. i miss you so much...

2 comentários:

  1. Oh querida Andrea, está quase ...
    Às vezes também preciso de ficar só, de ouvir os meus próprios pensamentos ( o que com as miúdas é difícil) mas basta um dia para ver o quanto me fazem falta. Mas sentir saudades é bom dá para medirmos a temperatura dos sentimentos.

    1. é bom é... somos umas tontas, queremos ter filhos, para querer ter tempo para nós para os querer de volta num instante! é ser mãe... e isso é bom. amanhã já os tenho nos braços os três e já me vou queixar do barulho!!! lol