instaweek | 50.14

so this was my week... the A week. the week i became older, wiser and happier. the 50th week of the year, is my week! the most exciting week of the year is selfishly my own. the one when i rethink my life and reorder ideas for myself. the one week, where i stop and enjoy the wishes, presents, compliments, smiles and all that comes toward me... it is a selfish moment and i love it, and one i will enjoy for as long as i can. it is the week when that special letter A becomes visible everywhere as if a sign of great and first things to come. i wish for everyone such a week, once a year, forever throughout a lifetime. enjoy YOU!

2 comentários:

  1. PARABENS atrasados e happy selfish day! :P
    Tenho andado com tao pouco tempo para visitar blogues! Espero que tenhas tido um dia e semana fantastica! Beijinhos

  2. ahahahah thank you sweet ballon blanc! no worries here, não me importo nada de receber ad eternum votos de parabéns, desde que não seja no dia anterior!!! beijo grande