FVM . diy | noodle garland

noodle garland | sugar & cloth

now this is what i call a useful DIY!! have you noticed that swiming pool noodle just see to multiply from year to year? i have no idea how they get to our house but somehow there is a new one every summer and if we go to someone else's pool there it is another one. i've never been a fan of all these things in the water while you're trying to swim and besides helping you relax during pregnancy i seriously prefer not to have them... but then again, how would i be able to do this cute and fun diy without all of those noodles!?! 
they'd look better as decoration around your swimming pool then in it, for me that is! i can just imagine really fun pool parties this summer... i neet to get chopping!! 
follow the link and you'll see how easy: exacto knife, cord, swim noodles in whatever colour, and preferably a cutting mat! chop away swimmers and enjoy the colourful decor!!

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