instaweek 19.14

three things about this past week: BEACH, ANTWERP, FRIENDS!
there is nothing as simple as life at the beach, the warmth, the cool, the time, the sun, the just enjoying silence and fresh air. add friends, and antwerp friends at that and for us is a recipe for amazing things. we hadn't seen eachother in almost 4 years. besides chats and quick phone calls through skype, 4 years is a very long time. i hadn't seen little Rosie (aka cookie girl) in 6 years!!!!!! little Annie had come for a visit with mom when the twins were born... amai! time doesn't fly, things just change and once you relive moments in your life, you noticed that we have kids, and they grew up. but nonetheless having your amazing friends come to visit even if just for 3 days makes up for all that distance, for all those moments you missed and for all that coffee you drank by yourself. throughout those 10 years i was going around the world i help on to few but oh so amazing things... some of them gorgeous people. G is one of them, and with her, three other wonderful belgians came along. i am amazed by what friendship at 25 can bring to your life... no matter how old you are, when it works, it really works. and the A you see, is really for a special part of the world i'll keep forever in my heart... antwerpen!

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