instaweek 18.14

what a different week i just had! between getting back to work after an amazing and cute 1rst aniverssary party at the cutest shop ever, sending the boys off to the grandparents for four days, having a night all-by-myself after 2 long years (the dinossaur stayed with me), preparing an adorable party for a beautiful little boy with a crown and buying two gorgeous handmade pieces for the new season, both at a mini super shop! and finding out a few of my favorite people have it too!! 
ah, though i worked a lot i sis find myself more relaxed than ever... just add a few sessions of workout and this was a good week!

2 comentários:

  1. Era pessoa para lamber o ecrã se isso me fizesse descobrir o sabor desse bolo de aspecto delicioso <3

    1. sabes que por incrível que pareça uma fatia assim já não me cabe cá dentro... comi três garfadas, bom bom bom como só a joana sabe fazer, mas vais ver, não tarda já nem queremos!! woohoo!