cores | neon yellow

there is no point in hiding from everyone, but i am one big fan of neon colors!!!! more so of NEON YELLOW!!! what color better defines summer? sunny days? happy? bright and good?! i can think of a million tones that can do that, but neon yello is right at the top. it’s so bright, in-your-eyes kind of color it makes anyone feel a shot of happy! i’m not sure how much of it you should wear it, but i’m sure details are best. if you can get away with this amazing dress, be my guest but i’d be a bit afraid of it myself, though i find it absolutely amazing! i’m more of a gift tags, necklace, pillow triming, wrapping paper, kids shoes, party garlands, and a picture or two up on the wall kind of girl… but i could easily fill up a house with it too. so beware! if you see a splash of neon yellow walking towards you… it might just be me!!