twenty fourteen project | 19

two years ago this week i was working in chiado, probably the most beautiful neighborhood of lisbon, not the most typical, but the most hip, cool, gorgeous, clean (as in buildings) and most of all sunny. there is a sunray just around pratically every corner, and i remember perfectly the moment i took this photo… i was just arrived to work and looked up at the bentton building in the corner just before i entered our office building and was blinded by the sunlight. i actually took the photo with my cellphone and couldn’t see much with it… i just knew i had to catch that light! oh and what a light… somehow a message of something beautiful about to happen. three months later i was deciding my future with S about opening our own shop! you never really know what’ll be around the next corner, but it’s important you see it and remember what is was like so you can know what you want things to be.