cores | sandy beaches

camel, sand, bege, cream, i’m not really sure what the different tones really are and how eactly you tell one from the other… i seriously wanted to search for sand tone, ended up going through hundreds of images that called the colour anything really. the importante detail about this tone right now, this week, is that our beach season has begun! and i am so excited! in one week were were able to go to the beach last saturday and just two days ago, with visiting belgian friends, and man do i love going to the beach. my children, however, have a difficult time with the large amount of sand… yes, you heard it… they take after their mom, they have literally to be in the water all the time so that sand doesn’t stick to them. my little F is getting better at it, he has decided that dad looks really funny all covered in sand and then running for a swim, so we’ll see… but my little M is still a pool child, which we’ll try to fix by the time school’s out! 
have you seen how this tone is actually very contradictory too? how can the colour of sand also be so beautiful in winter clothes?… it’s definitely an all year-round colour. 
but… have fun at beach, enjoy the beautiful warm weather.