have a great week | dad

i haven’t been the best of daughters lately, for the last years i should say, not because i stopped loving my dad, but because i focused on being a mother and being better than my mother was to me, and on not maing her and dad’s same mistakes. i mke other ones, but surely not the same ones. it is my everyday battle, it is my inner war, because i would give my whole world to not have my kids go through the same things… dad was super along the way but forgot to think of himself first, and then his children… things would’ve been completely different if he would’ve noticed that happiness is for everyone and we don’t have to spend our lives trying to solve thins for other people, instead of living life ourselves. i have ignored moments we could’ve spend together but there is now a gap so deep in between i cannot run back without swallowing a lot of pride. i hope it gets easier, but i need your help too. listen to me more, for i will always love you.