twenty fourteen project | 11

so there i was… 24 weeks pregnant! in hot humid and dusty and tropical rain season in maputo. i was two weeks aways from flying to lisbon to finally relax and think only about these two human beings i was creating inside me… sorry if i’m so graphic, but that was how i felt. i was making something beautiful, two beautiful things actually. no idea what “type” of beings, girls or boys or one of each but all i thought about was how amazing it was and how amazing it was to be with him through this whole process. it was amazing to have him there next to me, only for me and imagining things together. i was a bit tired by this stage, didn’t feel like driving much lately or sitting down either, i was much better standing up, walking, and feeling useful. people helped a lot, which was very nice, a new status, but i felt very helpless sometimes too… i have no recolection of being very big, but i have proof in photos that i was bigger than i imagined, specially durint the second trimester which somehow felt much bigger than my third. anyway… i was wearing pink because deep inside i felt two boys were coming! 😉