twenty fourteen project | 10

i remember this day… very well… the boys were about nine months old and we were in need to have a terrace fit for kids. our terrace was on our roof, perfect for outdoor barbeques, parties, relaxing time for two adults, but it was time to let the kids try to walk and crawl around without stress. so daddy dearest decided a fence, and a colourful one i might add, was the perfect solution. done in a way to not last forever and be taken out whenever… it’s still there i’ve been told! we loved that terrace, the boys learned how to walk there and we were very proud of our dad who set his mind to do something amazing for us… with a lot of beers in between… i also remember it was about 500º that day and i had just filled up a mini kids pool with cool water and put the boys in it… ahhh that heat. that was the last day our living room turned into a beach, we were taking out lives up to the terrace!