the plan | march

it’s been harder than i thought doing this whole plan thing i planned a while back. the idea is still in me but it’s the writing it down on a blog that takes the real effort, but if i can’t go through it every month i’ll find a way to update it often enough… like i said i’ll try. it’s more for me really because this whole plan id really for me to keep track of myself really… 
so the idea was to actually retype every thing i wrote in the previous month and cancel what was done and over with and add what needs to be done. so let’s try this. 

two thounsand and fourteen
write everything in my agenda | relax when i can | shut down the computer after 11pm | watch and go to the movies once a week | play with the kids 1h after school | make a list of what i spend every week | organize a weekly supermarket list | be a daughter | make someone smile everyday | see something new on the weekends with the kids | pre-post blog posts | clean-up facebook friens | delete blogs you never reads | make kids’ albums | eat out as little as possible | rink more coffee | go to bed before 12pm | read at least 20min before turning off the lights | bake more| share | give | smile

(i won’t cancel anything from this list because i want it to go throughout the whole year… but overall it has been all positive, i haven’t baked more just because i am on a diet! and we don’t go to the movies because it’s so easy to stay home and so hard to have a babysitter in the middle of the week. but i’m almost finished with the kids’ albums… though i still have a few to go. 

finish second year albums | call EDP on the 2nd of every month | new products in the shop | prepare not one but four parties for let’s | prepare for sunnier days and spring | keep running | keep exercizing | keep dieting | relax | smile