cores | aluminium design


did you know that there is a list of gifts according to your anniverssary years? for every year you celebrate there is a material associated with it, that's why you say "gold anniverssary" when you celebrate 50 years together... but guess what's the 10th? .........ALUMINIUM! it's not as elegant as gold, or silver or even cotton, but i loved it, it was a surprise and it's a special one because i've used aluminium a lot in my architecture career and absolutely love it's versatility and feel. it's used for industrial look but can be such a soft material too depending on it's use. it changes with heat and touch and i love that. it's like us... you and me! it's our favorite material when we design together and it's our way of puttinf omething of us in every project. it's a perfect color, material and feel to celebrate this week. hope you love it too.

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