cores | navy blues

moods have a tendecy to colour coordinate your days. you might even wear black when you’re very happy but somewhere in what you’re wearing, a colour, brighter, will show through. i believe this truthfully. i also believe that people chose what they wear based on who they are and how they feel at the moment, or what they’d prefer to transmit to the world. navy blue does this for me every single time. i tend to wear nany blue when i feel more homy, more ocnfortable, more let go of all that’s expected of me. i call it my home clothes though they might involve high heel shoes, or elegant dress. it’s my safety colour. though fashion changes constantly i always keep a navy blue cardigan close by, i always have a navy blue tshirt, or silky top, i always have summer navy blue shoes, and a gorgeous navy blue winter scarf. it makes me feel cosy. and i think this goes for clothes, pots, candles, jars, notebooks, wallpaper… the list goes on. and that wedding cake, so elegant yet so sweet and beautiful… it’s cosy, it’s home, it’s beautiful. and it goes with my need to be calm this week.