a letter to m.f | 3

three years-old and so grown-up. every year i try to sum up what this last year of our lives has been and every year i think it’s harder and harder because you do grow-up fast, you are becoming little men though you still wear diapers… yes, you do still wear diapers, and we are off to starting your fourth year trying to get them far far away from us!

anyway… what a year it was… did you realize that your discovered a million words lately? did you notice that you are officially bilingual, knowing exactly when to change the languages and know when to say what to which one of us, mom and dad. mom doesn’t say “buongiorno” and dad does not say “obrigada”, it’s funny to watch you trying to speak and tell us all about the things you see, do, eat and play with at school, we try to keep conversation going and it’s adorable to see where it takes you. you have learned so much at school since september, and it’s amazing to see all of the news every single day.

this was the year you became children and have said goodbye to being babies, the year (just recently) that we put away our pacifiers and have been dealing with some dificult nights… it’s not the nights in itself, it´s the falling asleep, when before you could do with one long story, you now need five books and three songs, and a hand, staying there and tonight you even asked for mom to lay down next to you… it’s not always M or F, it changes depending how you decide, but it’s exhausting and i’m not really sure we, dad and i, sometimes deal with it the best way, but we try, only we are not used to this… long are the nights when you needed to fall asleep in our arms and that was too easy… now, i can’t imagine or have enough ideas to do this each night… but we’re learning.

because as i will always say, i, your mom, have turned three too… i’m also learning, just like you i have my days, great and bad, i get tired too, cranky and annoyed… but i’m learning and i have also turned my life upside down this past year… you have bared a lot too with me gone a lot more, coming home later than usual, not having a fixed schedule makes our plans as a family a bit more crazy… but like always we have enjoyed such amazing moments, cooking together for the first time, making cookies, making bread with dad, discovering differente tastes and favorite foods, M loves tortellini and F loves chicken and mash potatoes! you are portuguese with italian tastebuds, you love to eat, constantly. you are getting taller, growing upwards fast, noone believes you are only three, you are healthy tough we are now thinking M might have some alergies just like mom and will go through winters with a bit more off days.
you are both very funny, love surprises, love to run and play outside, love walking with dad, love riding the bus and tram, love your new car seats that look like airplane seats!
you know the parks in the neighborhood by heart, have favorites and know if one is not open! you love school so much you make mom wait 35min before you decide it’s actual time to go, while i wait………. not fun, but if it makes you happy, right? i get upset sometimes, but i’m to blame because i believe that it’s ok to take your time, we’re in no rush, and i forget it sometimes.

it’s been a tough year, we had to adjust to a lot of new things. but i am very proud of you, proud of your dad, proud of us. proud of how at the end of the day we are our little family. busy, doing what we love, watching you become small people and learning new things every day, together.
i am in love with you, you make me a better person and i am so happy to be your mother. i believe in you, in us and hope we stick together always, no matter what.

see you tomorrow morning boys… please wake up with that smile, it always makes my day. and let’s keep going at this potty training, we can do this boys!!!!!!!!!!