no words… helen harder

four years ago i met a girl, a sweet, happy, excited about her trip to mozambique girl. she smiled ALL the time! she was my friend H.’s friend and she was in Maputo for a holiday, and we talked about where to go and visit and stay around the Maputo area… little did we all know we’d be saying goodbye to her forever… yesterday. 
from that first day i saw Helen, i saw her occasionally in mz when she came to visit and she was one of the people i saw last with a big belly. she wished me good luck and told me that she was hoping to come back soon to see the boys. either that or she’d fly to lisbon to see them for sure… she never did. 
i moved back to europe a year later and she went from berlin to cape town that same year… so i never saw her again. but H. kept me updated on Helen’s life, from the moving to CT, to the studying, to the falling in love, and to that horrible moment when H, received an email from Helen telling her about her brest cancer… and that changed everything… 
Helen started a blog and every couple of days she’d let us all know how she was doing, what was happening and what was scary, hopeful and chagelling… everything was, but she kept on writing as if she was going to battle this with all her strength and what-not and not let this destroy her life. 
she was a fighter, a very positive fighter. not once did i feel fear, not fear from the treatments, not fear for the future, she lived on the moment and the took care of things one by one… even her wedding. the beautiful wedding cerimony thought to the detail, with that beautiful smile and that amazing hope. 

to Helen Harder…
i just heard the news…i cannot believe how hard you fought, how positive you always were, how tough and yet you always smiled… you will be missed.
it was an honour to have met you.
rest in peace beautiful girl. you will always be an inspiration to us all.
love, a..

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