wishing for…

though i am not a fan of the new years’ celebration, i am however a fan os lists! of any kind! yes, even the shopping list, and the one i keep on a post-it of the bills i have to pay… i love lists! and no matter how people find it wierd, it keeps me sane! so, as i was saying i am a fan of lists and there is no surprise that people get to the end of the year an make one, even if only mentally, of what they wish for/plan for/want/need/will do in the year ahead. though i have many projects and many ideas i won’t share them here, for i have the need to keep them mine for a bit at least, but i o have a few things i’ll share…
. i’d like the year of 2013 to be more friendly, yes, friendly, as in with more friends around. i’d like my friends to not be so lazy and so scared their kids will get sick, or that it’s cold outside. i wish my friends a breath of fresh air, plans outside at the park, brunches on early cold mornings with a view, lunches with the children at a museum or close, plans of travelling to visit a new town though it might be freezing there. i wish for a year full of plans, big, small, of tiny, but with plans, with outings, with playdates, with dinner parties and birthdays. i wish for my friends to be a bit more let go and go with the flow. i wish for myself to be more insistent, to be more assertive and to stop talking to anyone who says no!!
. i’d like 2013 to be a year of planning ahead, although i make lists i have had a had time sicne they were born to plan aheas and stick with it, mostly not because of me, but them really. i can’t predict sick days, or rain or bad moods so it seems like there is always something changing my plans for me, an sometimes that makes me too distracted, too head-in-the-clouds and apparently makes me look lazy to some people. anyway, i’m hoping my new agenda helps! and babies becoming children too!
. i’d like 2013 to be sunny! no matter how long our fake winter will be that the sun always shines, because amonst all the fear/stress/panic for the tough year ahead, if the sun shines i’m thinking that vitamin D will help. my artist aunt always said “if it’s sunny, or you’re wearing pink, you’ll be fine”… i’m always dressed in pink! 😉
. i’d like 2013 to be the year i go back to my cooking ocnstantly, probably i won’t constantly but i really want to and i’ve been a bit put off after so much worrying about the boy’s food. their first foos put me a bit off thinking of pots and pans so i let go of it… now and then i try but then all the clean-up, and still all the other stuff i have to do… but i now have a list (yes, yet another one) of things i want to taste and i’m hoping i make them myself
. i’d like 2013 to be a year full of music, we need to dance more and learn songs together, even if it means for dad to learn our home version of “i threw the stick to the cat” (don’t ask) and us learning all the lyrics of linkin park!

today i’ll stay with 5 wishes… not bad!