this xmas…

things i’ve learned this xmas… 
i’ve learned that though i believe children shouldn’t have millions of presents, i absolutely love their smiles when they open so many!
i’ve learned that though we shouldn’t spoil them, others will and i have to let them enjoy it
i’ve learned that though i spend all year controlling their sugar levels, i shouldn’t on xmas
i’ve learned that though xmas is much more than presents under the tree, there i no describing how happy i get with their gifts
i’ve learned that because times are harder we shouln’t always feel scared of the future for these boys live on our smiles and we have to make it perfect
i’ve learned that because these boys are so lucky and so spoiled i am able to put aside every year a few toys in great condition for other kids. 
i’ve learned that i am no longer in posession of the tv on xmas day from this year on…
i’ve learned that we are happy and they love us because we make a few dreams come true… theirs, ours and other children who will smile too.