instaweek | 26.14

there are weeks that put you to the test. there are moments when you realize maybe you're not good enough and maybe the world can't understand half of what you're saying. sometimes it's easier to get angry, or upset, yell and want revenge, but it's even easier to wake up on a sunday morning, get dressed, get the kids ready for a surprise, tell them it will be a good day and pack they backpacks with a yummy snack. sometimes, all it takes is a bit of courage and a "what if..." and get them to the zoo... even if you're all by yourself and not fight it. tell them you're alone with them, tell them we'll see amazing things, experience great feelings and have loads to tell dad at dinner. tell them you need their help, tell them you want everything to be ok and forget all that's made you stop in your tracks. let go and accept the kids' wishes to go on the tiny littl boxes up in the air that fly around the zoo, not forgetting the part where it flies over three lions, and four lionesses and one giant rhinoceros... tell them you'll do it. tell yourself you can do anything, you have time. relax. 

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