twinsfourthbirthday | the yearly letter

and we meet again sweet little ones. and like every year, here i am letting you know exactly what this year was like. i wish i could tell you it was perfect, that everything went smoothly and we were one extremely happy family, but this was a challeging year, for all of us, and maybe mostly for you. it was the year you literally became children and suddenly stopped being babies. no more using your pacifier, and boy do i regret it, with it dissapeared your three hour afternoon naps. and much to your father's surprise, it isn't all that easy to manage. though you are amazing outdoor kids you are not into three hour activities every single weekend! but he'll learn... just like we had to learn to hear you speak like children and not like babies, we had to learn to listen and much as teach you to talk, it was the year you had a super overdose of italy and italian, and your dad, again, was ecstatic. he is so proud of what you can say and all that you understand in your other language. we are very proud of the decision we made in speaking both languages from the day we found out i was pregnant. 
this year diapers dissapeared from our lives and we are so very thankful, it took guts from us deciding that we couldn't do it alone right when you were two so a whole summer of our pacience and trial and error and though it seems done and over with it wasn't easy... but it's done! 
something this year was not, was easy, everyday was a surprise, everyday we had to tell and repeat over and over all our house rules, decisions, and punishments children get when they don't behave. for the first time in our lives we felt we had twins. strangely enough it never felt as so, but this year, while you divided our attentions between tantrums, cries of help while you hit eachother, bad morning moods and this strange and so annoying habit of never wanting to dress what we put out for you to dress to school, i honestly had days when i thought i couldn't do it anymore. i seriously believed you were driving me crazy on purpose! i kept thinking of ways to distract you, of not making a big deal, of not caring so much if you went to school in your underwear or wearing pijamas, or in a spiderman costume... but i did care, and it annoyed me that i couldn't control this anymore. everyone said this was going to be a hard year, but i never thought those adorable, cuddly little babies would somehow be so picky, and difficult sometimes like you were. we had a few very difficult moments this year and i wouldn't lie like i never did to you. i doubted myself so many times in my ability to make you happy, healthy and sane little boys, i thought i was going insane. 
work didn't help, it swallowed me in like a tornado and i had to adjust our family routine to my routine, which probably was my first big mistake, but i honestly thought you were big enough for it and could handle it because you had had me so close for so long... but that was just it. i was always there, and suddenly i wasn't around so much. it's a work that fullfils me so, but it has taken so much of me too. i am learning as you grow how to manage it better, but these last 12 months needed this amount of my own attention in order to work, in order to happen, so yes, maybe lots of it was my fault, and lots of your whinning, crying, yelling, tantrums and "no"s exist because you act out on me, us, not being there anymore, but i want to believe that this whole thing we call the "impossible three" is real too!
by no means think that this was a bad year, no, definitely no, but being a mother, as one day i hope you understand once you have your own children is not just holding you and saying everything's going to be alright, it is also doubting yourself in every action you take because no one ever told you otherwise. and we learn from every single action, word we say and i hope i can explain to you someday but for now, know this... i as your mother, couldn't be prouder, couldn't love you any more than i already do now. i am thankful everything day for your existence and for those gorgeous adorable faces. i am in love with you more each day.
did you know you are very funny? that you laugh so hard sometimes you fall down? that you have a huge obssession on spiderman, dinossaurs and lightning mcqueen? you love chocolate, lollipops, ice cream. you love watching cartoons, but also love sitting down and watching any program with dad. you and i go for afternoon tea everyday after school and once or twice a week to the park for a long stroll or climb up the spider web. on weekends we do just about anything to make you see this fabulous city we live in, museums, parks, river, boats, train, lunch wherever, dinner once or twice around town for you to try almost all flavours of food. it was the year you saw your first movie at the cinema, your first rollercoaster ride, your first ocean swim for real, you first dive in deep end pools, your first horse ride, your 12th airplane ride and so many other accomplishments in so little years. you will become amazing people i am sure. may you always stay little, cuddly, brave, stubborn, and mine forever. 

foto by mariana megre


and ten reasons why i can't live without you! i love you because:

M . you have an amazing sense of direction
F . you love to cook


and ten reasons why i can't live without! i love you because: 

M . you are eager to learn and be a big boy
F . you are always thinking of others

foto by mariana megre


and ten reasons why i can't live without you! i love you because:

M . you look so peaceful when you sleep
F . you cuddle me whenever i am sick

FVM . diy | tissue pom poms

diy . the busy budgeting mama . tissue pom poms

there are so many people who ask me about the tissue paper pom poms we use almost all the time at let's parties, and this simple image, is just as easy as it gets. we buy a lot of the pom poms already folded, all we deed to do is open and mount them, but making them from scratch is perfectly possible. and it really is as easy as just four steps. materials: tissue paper, cord, scissors and a pair of hands. you can open on both words and make them into a sphere or just towards one side and create a half sphere and put them up on a wall instead of hanging them. enjoy making your party your own!


and ten reasons why i can't live without you! i love you because:

M . you align your coloured pencils in a row before colouring
F . you need three hugs and lots of kisses before you go to sleep

instaweek | 21.14

for those who have seen the blog this week... it's all about their coming fourth birthday


and ten reasons why i can't live without you! i love you because:

M . you are in love with the letter A
F . you're favorite ice cream is cornetto alla fragola

have a great week | monday


and ten reasons why i can't live without you! i love you because:

M . of the way you dance
F . of the way you ask for my hugs


and ten reasons why i can't live without you! i love you because:

M . you tell me you need me all the time
F . you have the best italian accent

weeklinks | links da semana

. wow _ é tudo o que tenho para dizer sobre isto! maravilhoso! | it's all i have to say about this amazing work! wonderful!
. dollhouse _ adoro a ideia de casas de bonecos perfeitas para rapazes | i love the idea of a doll house for boys, and these are perfect
. granola _ a minha última obsessão e parece tão simples de fazer | my last obsession and so easy to do... apparently
. susana _ uma luz especial | a special kind of light 


and ten reasons why i can't live without you! i love you because:

M . of your sweet "mom" calling when you can't fall asleep
F . of your amazing capability of learning new words


and ten reasons why i can't live without you! i love you because:

M . you dance like pocoyo
F . you sing all the time

cores | neon yellow


there is no point in hiding from everyone, but i am one big fan of neon colors!!!! more so of NEON YELLOW!!! what color better defines summer? sunny days? happy? bright and good?! i can think of a million tones that can do that, but neon yello is right at the top. it's so bright, in-your-eyes kind of color it makes anyone feel a shot of happy! i'm not sure how much of it you should wear it, but i'm sure details are best. if you can get away with this amazing dress, be my guest but i'd be a bit afraid of it myself, though i find it absolutely amazing! i'm more of a gift tags, necklace, pillow triming, wrapping paper, kids shoes, party garlands, and a picture or two up on the wall kind of girl... but i could easily fill up a house with it too. so beware! if you see a splash of neon yellow walking towards you... it might just be me!! 


and ten reasons why i can't live without the both of you! i love you because:

M . you look just like me
F . of the adorable way you smile

the architect in me | house for mother

house for mother . forstberg arkitektur | via

it might not seem like it has nothing to do with it, but the fact that this is the project i chose to show off to you, when we are ten days away from the twins' birthday says a lot. if they would design a house for me, i'm sure it would be something like this, open, simple, plywood, white and gorgeous lamps. the exterior in raw corrugated aluminium says a lot about what my boys are like... boys, and the interior is all me. of course, no house of four could look so clean, but in my dreams i'm super organized and my kids are extremely tidy... so, to add to all this daydreaming this house was built as part of the Linkopingsbo 2017 Housing Exhibition.  

FVM . diy | word magnets

diy . a beautiful mess . word magnets

quanto mais perfeitas as imagens são mais me convenço que as coisas são simples de fazer! esta é uma delas... as cores, fenomenais, o branco de fundo, perfeito e a mãozinha, um amor. como é que não apetece logo fazer isto em três tempos? o problema é mesmo começar, mas a ideia é das mais simples que eu já vi. materiais: fimo, carimbos abc, forno e fita de íman por trás, prontos para usar no frigorífico com mil e uma mensagens! divirtam-se!

the more perfect the images the easier these diys seem to be! this is a perfect example... the colors, fenomenal, the white background, perfect, the little tiny hand, adorable. how can you not want to do this right away? problem is just starting, but the idea is one of the most simple things i've seen. materials: fimo, stamping alphabet, oven and magnet tape. ready for your fridge and message away! have fun!

instaweek 20.14

não vou mentir, não foi uma semana fácil que realmente só acabou ontem. foi uma semana exigente, estranha e um abrir de olhos gigante. mas... uma despedidas das minhas filhas belgas, a primeira ida à escola de bicicleta (so proud!), um mini-m a caminho da grécia, e uma lisboa tão boa, magnífica e tão mágica! este azul não há em mais lado nenhum e não há, luz assim. já vi meio mundo... eu sei que é mesmo assim.

i won't lie, it was not an easy week which actually only ended yesterday in fact. it was a demanding week and a great wake-up call. but... nonetheless a sweet goodbye to my belgian daughters, our first bike ride to school (so proud!!), a mini-m on his way to greece, and a gorgeous lisbon! so sweet, golden, magnificent and magical! there is no blue like this blue and no sunlight like this one... i've seen half of the world... i know it.

i'm running | week 14

hoje precisei do treino. precisei que alguém me tirasse da cama, não propriamente da cama que essa parte custa tanto, mas mesmo tanto meu deus. mas que me tirasse da energia negativa em que eu me encontro e me tenho enfiado nestes últimos dias. não quero estar sempre a pôr as culpas no cansaço, trabalho imenso é verdade mas já não passa por aí. passa sim por aprender a gerir a minha vida. não tem sido fácil aperceber-me do que me rodeia, daquilo que eu tomo como garantido, seguro e feito, afinal não é bem assim. odeio esta sensação de estar perdida, de não saber como fazer, o que fazer e de me aperceber que sou ignorante numa matéria que me devia ser exigida por mim mesma de saber tudo tim tim por tim tim. mas ultimamente tem sido tão difícil gerir isso.
por isso hoje precisei do treino... precisei tanto do treino que ontem à noite quando o Pedro me confirmou a hora do mesmo, lhe pedi "se ainda não planeaste o treino, por favor inclui uns murros... estou para bater em alguém!" a resposta veio logo hoje pelas 8 da manhã, um treino pensado em mim, um treino cheio de murros, muita concentração, muito gasto de calorias e muita adrenalina. um treino com direito a um momento mais emotivo, uma lágrima até, um treino com uma conversa pelo meio, um respeito mútuo por tudo o que alguém pode acumular dentro de si mesma. hoje precisei do treino.
estes treinos já vão sendo habituais tanto para mim, como para o meu marido como para os meus filhos que agora já acordam aos sábado comigo no terraço a treinar quando não há tempo para corrida. fazem parte da minha rotina, e são sem dúvida uma maneira mais económica de ir a um psicólogo, há muito de terapêutico nisto e eu preciso tanto disto. não o faço sozinha, a companhia, as dicas, os ensinamentos, o programa de exercício tem mesmo que ser dado por outro, por mais que eu tente, e como ir ao médico, se ele um dia me disser "cure-se sozinha" eu fico logo em pânico e sou capaz de desenvolver a doença mais ridícula do mundo mas fico logo de cama... por isso para mim não há cá "vou ali correr e já venho" porque será sempre "o pedro disse para irmos correr ali. já venho" passa por isto. a necessidade de depender de alguém é gigante na minha vida... e talvez só por isto, eu preciso mesmo do treino.
não há pior sensação que aos 34 anos nos apercebermos que somos super frágeis, tão distraídos e um pouco dependentes... e eu que sempre me considerei tão cheia de vontade e capacidades de fazer tudo... depois entra a confiança cega, o deixar estar porque levam a mal, o medo de acharem que eu não estou confortável, a insegurança, o coração... e cai o carmo e a trindade. cai de tal maneira que por agora a única solução é escrever um sms a pedir ajuda  "se ainda não planeaste o treino, por favor inclui uns murros..."
o resto... o resto vai ficar resolvido... até outro dia quando eu me aperceber que não resolvi nada porque... o porquê já sei, mas preciso aprender rapidamente.
hoje precisei do treino...

(post escrito 20 minutos depois do treino de sábado... estou melhor hoje...)

have a great week | monday

weeklinks | links da semana

. miss kale _ portuguesa, do porto, com uma sotaque que adoro com uma lição para a vida | portuguese from oporto, with an accent i absolutely love and a beautiful lesson for life
. be|bel bistro _ alguém reconheceu o que nós já sabiamos por sermosregulares e vizinhos, um excelente brunch | someone has recognized what we already knew from being regulars and neighbors, a great brunch
. all the rooms _ no mundo! onde quer que vá há uma quarto onde ficar a dormir, está aqui de certeza! | in the world! wherever you want to travel to this website will tell you where to stay!
. meninas primogénitas _ aparentemente somos melhores... | apparently we're better... 
. smile _ porque um sorriso na ponte vale tudo! | because a smile at the bridge changes everything!

divirtam-se este fim-de-semana e já sabem, qualquer coisa gira, estranha, interessante, nova que tenham para mostrar, força que eu não consigo ler a net toda!! eu partilho em vosso nome! ;) | have fun this weekend, and if you see something gorgeous, funny, sweet, wierd, interesting. let me now, i'll publish it for you! ;)

twenty fourteen project | 19

two years ago this week i was working in chiado, probably the most beautiful neighborhood of lisbon, not the most typical, but the most hip, cool, gorgeous, clean (as in buildings) and most of all sunny. there is a sunray just around pratically every corner, and i remember perfectly the moment i took this photo... i was just arrived to work and looked up at the bentton building in the corner just before i entered our office building and was blinded by the sunlight. i actually took the photo with my cellphone and couldn't see much with it... i just knew i had to catch that light! oh and what a light... somehow a message of something beautiful about to happen. three months later i was deciding my future with S about opening our own shop! you never really know what'll be around the next corner, but it's important you see it and remember what is was like so you can know what you want things to be. 

cores | sandy beaches


camel, sand, bege, cream, i'm not really sure what the different tones really are and how eactly you tell one from the other... i seriously wanted to search for sand tone, ended up going through hundreds of images that called the colour anything really. the importante detail about this tone right now, this week, is that our beach season has begun! and i am so excited! in one week were were able to go to the beach last saturday and just two days ago, with visiting belgian friends, and man do i love going to the beach. my children, however, have a difficult time with the large amount of sand... yes, you heard it... they take after their mom, they have literally to be in the water all the time so that sand doesn't stick to them. my little F is getting better at it, he has decided that dad looks really funny all covered in sand and then running for a swim, so we'll see... but my little M is still a pool child, which we'll try to fix by the time school's out! 
have you seen how this tone is actually very contradictory too? how can the colour of sand also be so beautiful in winter clothes?... it's definitely an all year-round colour. 
but... have fun at beach, enjoy the beautiful warm weather. 

instaweek 19.14

three things about this past week: BEACH, ANTWERP, FRIENDS!
there is nothing as simple as life at the beach, the warmth, the cool, the time, the sun, the just enjoying silence and fresh air. add friends, and antwerp friends at that and for us is a recipe for amazing things. we hadn't seen eachother in almost 4 years. besides chats and quick phone calls through skype, 4 years is a very long time. i hadn't seen little Rosie (aka cookie girl) in 6 years!!!!!! little Annie had come for a visit with mom when the twins were born... amai! time doesn't fly, things just change and once you relive moments in your life, you noticed that we have kids, and they grew up. but nonetheless having your amazing friends come to visit even if just for 3 days makes up for all that distance, for all those moments you missed and for all that coffee you drank by yourself. throughout those 10 years i was going around the world i help on to few but oh so amazing things... some of them gorgeous people. G is one of them, and with her, three other wonderful belgians came along. i am amazed by what friendship at 25 can bring to your life... no matter how old you are, when it works, it really works. and the A you see, is really for a special part of the world i'll keep forever in my heart... antwerpen!

have a great week | dad

i haven't been the best of daughters lately, for the last years i should say, not because i stopped loving my dad, but because i focused on being a mother and being better than my mother was to me, and on not maing her and dad's same mistakes. i mke other ones, but surely not the same ones. it is my everyday battle, it is my inner war, because i would give my whole world to not have my kids go through the same things... dad was super along the way but forgot to think of himself first, and then his children... things would've been completely different if he would've noticed that happiness is for everyone and we don't have to spend our lives trying to solve thins for other people, instead of living life ourselves. i have ignored moments we could've spend together but there is now a gap so deep in between i cannot run back without swallowing a lot of pride. i hope it gets easier, but i need your help too. listen to me more, for i will always love you. 

cores | blue denim


ai as maravilhas da ganga. eu adoro ganga. ou melhor, gosto muito de calças de ganga, sinto-me super confortável com calças de ganga. não uso muito mais de ganga, mas gosto do tom, do toque e da versatilidade. aos miúdos ponho pouco, mas gosto de os ver com calças de ganga, calções e não tarda terão uma camisa, assim meia "usada" com ar mais cool. adorava poder por uns calções de ganga curtos sem achar-me ridícula, tenho uns, prontos para o verão, mas a ver vamos! adoro malas de ganga, gosto de um pormenor em almofada, gosto. uso todo o ano em frio ou calor, gosto.

the wonderful world of denim. i love it. or better yet i love jeand, denim pants, i feel super confortable with them on. i don't use almost anything else with denim, but i love the touch, the tone and versatility. the boys don't wear it much but i like seeing them once or twice in cool denim pants, used and washed. i'll get them a denim shirt soon though. i wish i could get away with short denim shorts but i will always think i'll look ridiculous no matter what. and don't forget how confortable denim bags look too, a detail here and there and that's it, a perfect material for the whole year! 

my fave | fantasy

a fantasy land store tem colares lindos! ...e muito mais... tenho dito!

instaweek 18.14

what a different week i just had! between getting back to work after an amazing and cute 1rst aniverssary party at the cutest shop ever, sending the boys off to the grandparents for four days, having a night all-by-myself after 2 long years (the dinossaur stayed with me), preparing an adorable party for a beautiful little boy with a crown and buying two gorgeous handmade pieces for the new season, both at a mini super shop! and finding out a few of my favorite people have it too!! 
ah, though i worked a lot i sis find myself more relaxed than ever... just add a few sessions of workout and this was a good week!

twenty fourteen project | 17

a segunda vez que os levei a ver os bichos grandes, os que eles aprenderam a reconhecer antes do gato, cão e galinha, aqueles tão grandes que nos tiram o fôlego, tinham 11 meses e foi tão bom. pequeninos, no sling lá viram as girafas altas, compridas e tão queridas. eu chamo-as pirosas porque eu já as vi correr, tropeçar, e quase cair e não há animal mais piroso que uma girafa a tentar disfarçar. que bom que é saber que já os levei a sítios tão diferentes, que lhes preenche tanto da sua imaginação. ainda hoje, cantam a música "atirei o pau ao gato" com os animais de "moçambique", adoram bichos grandes e não são amigos dos cães e gatos. normalmente deixam-me dar aos "meninos pobres" quase tudo o que já não brincam, mas tudo o que tiver animais de áfrica não deixam... faz parte deles e eu sei que fomos nós que implementámos isso nestas cabecinhas. um dia voltamos... e eles vão amar!