twenty fourteen project | 09

i took this picture exactly three years ago today... i can't tell you how much i'm enjoying this going back in time through pictures... of course i can do this a lot better with the digital ones i have, and knowing i will never post a photo from 2009 seeing that i lost every single one of them... i need them back asap... it was an amazing year. anyway... three years ago i was at the park with the boys just like every afternoon and i remember it clearly the moment i looked up at this monolith of a sign... which we at estudio4 architects designed, and notice the giant accent on the i in "infantil" made me so nervous because for those who don't know i was obessed with correcting portuguese errors all over this country and annoying everyone else while i was at it, so to realise that we were making huge mistakes like this upset me very much... apparently no one ever noticed and i was being too picky. i remember a day or two later i checked our drawings for the signage and i was right, we hadn't made that mistake... apparently someone at the copy place decided it was best this way.................. part of me misses this whole other world.

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