the plan | january

the only actually new thing i buy specially for the first of january is a new agenda. strangely it is the only thing i have that begins in january and ends in december, otherwise, you know me, i prefer the first day of school or work as the begginning of everything. it is then, mostly spetember that i make my resolutions and that i make plans for myself, by the time october comes, i am in full swing of new rituals, routines and schedules. november and december are easy breazy and usually january is for me the most boring month of the year, ok fabruary too... they go by as slow as a snail and the weather never helps, even those years in africa those two first months of the year seemed to be neverending, usually never very exciting... don't know why i just feel them like this. anyway... i do believe that resolutions are over rated though to-do-lists are indeed under-rated and we should have those constantly in our lives.
in a post back in september i told you about the general resolutions and those that come and go once they're done. those are my favorites, and the ones that take up less space in my head. deception is something i rather not have on myself... on anyone really, but i think it's harder to deal with if it's us.
so i have started a new to-do-list, hoping i can keep it for the whole year. by now, all bloggers and facebook pages have thought about which yearly project they'll take on board, and so have i, not the only one i'll do but this one is importante to me because it's what i do all year, every year, no matter what.
i'll now make a general to-do-list for the year 2014, with no strings attached, none of these items are life-threatening so please don't shoot me if i forget, or just plainly decided to not do them. i'll also write a post at the beggining of every month in order to align thoughts and tasks and not put so much preassure on me. of course theses are not in any particular order, they are things only, things i must remember are not the most important things in my life but things that could indeed make me happy, organized and relaxed, so here we go...

two thousand and fourteen
write everything i need to remember on my agenda or notebook and not on pieces of paper | relax when you can | shut down your computer after 11pm | watch or go to the movies once a week with him | play with the kids 1h each day after school | make a list of what i spend every week | organize a weekly supermarket list | be a daughter | make someone smile everyday other than your kids who laugh even if you're angry | see something new every weekend with the kids | pre-post some blog posts | clean-up facebook friends | delete blogs you never read | make kids albuns | eat lunch out as little as possible | drink more coffee | no more coke | go to bed before mid-night | read ate least 20min before turning off the lights | bake more | share | give | smile and enjoy the ride

start a new agenda | call EDP on the 2nd | fly home on the 3rd | start work on the 4th | smile throughout the month no matter how cold | kids' second xmas on the 5th | bring panetone | organize friends' and kids' presents exchange at our place | pizza night aroung the 15th | dont' forget birthdays | think of new handmade products for the shop | relax | smile | remember helen...

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