photo a day challenge | 08.31.2013

08.31.2013 _ dangerous (having this tiny baby around me is dangerous for my mommy hormones) _ august photo a day challenge

photo a day challenge | 08.30.2013

08.30.2013 _ cluttered (back home supermarket shopping) _ august photo a day challenge

photo a day challenge | 08.29.2013

08.29.2013 _ lucky (a big birthday party for all 7 cousins, seeing that they're rarely together) _ august photo a day challenge

photo a day challenge | 08.27.2013

08.27.2013 _ 10 minutes from home (our local bookstore in capriolo has one of my fav italian authors  on the window) _ august photo a day challenge

photo a day challenge | 08.23/24/25/26.2013

08.23/24/25/26.2013 _ yellow . background . culture . entrance _ august photo a day challenge

photo a day challenge | 08.22.2013

08.22.2013 _ room (our room in this big house is my favorite spot to just be) _ august photo a day challenge

photo a day challenge | 08.18/19/20/21.2013

08.18/19/20/21.2013 _ i speak to these children everyday, we found this dinossaur park in the middle of nowhere, go up and down these stairs and go back and forth slowly on the new swing _ august photo a day challenge

photo a day challenge | 08.15/16/17.2013

08.15/16/17.2013 _ the best is to just sit and read a book, cook some fresh fish in the oven and exercise it off swiming in the lake _ august photo a day challenge

la bella vacanza

What i love most about coming to italia on holiday is knowing that there is little for us to do... of course, having 15 people for lunch and dinner every single day, which means a whole village to cook for, and meals are a circus for lack of other words. what i mean is that besides meals, there is little to do. no one runs after you, or expects anything from you... and this means that those 24 ours of the day are all  yours. if you dont have 7 kids tough...
relaxing has a whole different sense when you're sorrounded by ages from 10 to 2, each one needing different things wanting different things. it is a challenge if nothing else, and we've only just begun. Ours plans are simple, eat, play in the grass, swim in the lake, picnic on the hill, and read a book or so. simplie, and perfect. we'll see...

photo a day challenge | 08.12.2013

12.08.2013 _ macro (i'll kill about 200 of these while we're, i'm sure...) _ august photo a day challenge

photo a day challenge | 08.11.2013

08.11.2013 _ i love doing this (fifteen plates for lunch) _ august photo a day challenge

four hours to go!

photo a day challenge | 08.10.2013

10.08.2013 _ beverages (what to drink on a Lx-Mxp flight?) _ august photo a das challenge

photo a day challenge | 08.09.2013

08.09.2013 _ 2 l'clock (had just finished a new batch of baby-bibs) _ august photoaday challenge

talking about us | ás 9 no meu blogue

quero dizer tantas cosias e não sei bem como as dizer... tivemos umas ultimas quarenta e oito horas entre sustos e bebés lindos novinhos em folha... isto só vem dar mais ânimo, sorrisos e um grande "tudo vale a pena"... obrigada a quem nos vê assim, tão serenas, tão entusiasmadas e tão realizadas com aquilo que fazemos. obrigada a quem nos visita com vontade de saber, com vontade de nos querer por perto, obrigada a quem leva consigo algo nosso no saco e acima de tudo, obrigada! e um especial obrigada por tudo à Sofia Quintela que embora de férias tem sido uma verdadeira inspiração...

photo a day challenge | 08.08.2013

08.08.2013 _ peek-a-boo _ august photo a day challenge

07.08.2013 | 3,200kg | 20:21h | m

you have finally arrived and imediately i have felt an imense feeling of love come over me... sweet little m... my first nephew, a real one. my little sister's first baby...
when you came into this world i was holding your grandfather L's hand and wondering if he was going to be alright... we had as a family been worried sick over his health and sudden loss of memory in the last 24h... and you were with us the whole time, moving and kicking in that comfy belly... You held on until you were sure your grandfather to be was doing better and fully capable of realizing you were coming! believe me, that though we haven't seen you, we were ecstatic to learn of your birth and that you were finally in her arms.

everyone says there is no love like the one you have for your children... but though that is true indeed, i believe there is no love like the one you have for you own nephew, your first own nephew. you. you are part of a future i have always dreamed about, part of a picture i have in my mind of hapiness, part of a beautiful story your mother and i once wrote for ourselves. you are part of us.

she is part of me... and there is nothing she does that doesn't make me proud. she is the best mother you could chose, mother and father. please take care of them too. and hold on to them as much as you can, love them inconditionally, forever and as tight as you can. please let us love you as our own, and please become part of a great trio of mischief with M and F.

welcome to our world little m, thank you....
i'll see, kiss, hold, smell you soon
aunt a..

photo a day challenge | 08.07.2013

08.07.2013 _ a sign (little m arrived making everything ok) _ august photo a day challenge

photo a day challenge | 08.06.2013

08.06.2013 _ this is very important to me (me with my boys) _ august photo a day challenge